Thursday Things – News, a rocket, and #NASABrewup

by Geoff on April 14, 2011

Before I get to the meat tofu of this post…
Check out this article on Today’s THV’s web site about me attending the NASA Tweetup!  The author of the article, Ashley Blackstone (@ashblackstone), is an active Twitter user. I sent a tweet to her about the Tweetup this morning, and she had an article up in just a few hours.  Thanks, Ashley!

NASA Tweetup Happenings

Two weeks from now, I’ll be in central Florida for the Tweetup!  Since the launch and Tweetup were moved last week, I had to change my travel arrangements.  I’m going to be in NYC for a couple days leading up to the Tweetup, so I’m flying directly from New York to Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, April 27.

The NASA Tweetup attendees are a fun group.  Many of them are sharing houses during the event, and even the precision with which housing was arranged seems like rocket science.

A few attendees have organized #NASABrewup, an unofficial event where the Tweetup attendees will get together and share local beers from their home state/country in celebration of witnessing a successful launch.  I don’t think I’ll be able to haul beer from Arkansas to NYC then Orlando, but I’m looking forward to the event anyway (I’ll happily contribute some money to someone else bringing beer).  Here’s the awesome logo created for the event by organizers Ariel Clark (@arielclark) and Carson Skinner (@carsonskinner):

Cool, eh?  It’s clear that the NASA Tweetup attendees are a smart, creative, and rambunctious (ahem, #MercuryHouse) group. I’m excited to meet these folks!  Several of them have active blogs with large followings.  I’m planning a post in the next few days highlighting some of their blogs.

Atlas 5 Launch Tonight

Late tonight – 11:24 pm CDT – an Atlas 5 rocket will launch with a classified payload from the National Reconnaissance Office. has a great article (including the pic below) on the launch with details about the rocket.  This will be the 25th launch of the Atlas 5.

Photo Credit: Pat Corkery/ULA


I’ll keep this blog updated with more NASA Tweetup happenings.  Thanks for reading; feel free to leave a comment below!

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Nick Cicero April 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm

I’m pumped for our Tweet/Brew-Up event, it’s going to be a blast!


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